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CMIR Founding Member Wins Nobel Prize

CMIR Honorary Professor and Founding Member Tu Youyou has won the 2015 Nobel Prize for her role in creating a drug that helped reduce malaria mortality rates in Africa and Asia.


The Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR) was established in 1994 by the AcuMedic Foundation and the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

What is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine is a holistic system of medicine that can uses therapies such as acupuncture and herbal medicine to treat a variety of conditions.

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Keep Acupuncture in the NICE Guidelines

The updated NICE Guidelines for Low Back Pain and Sciatica no longer recommend acupuncture. Help us to change this.


The Nobel Prize @NobelPrize

Congrats for the first Chinese woman won Nobel Prize, applauded for her efforts in purifying artemesinin! Chang-shin http://t.co/7kpNFT7pFU

The Nobel Prize @NobelPrize

The 2015 #NobelPrize #Medicine Press release: http://t.co/jvMsjumBT4 Advanced info: http://t.co/dYxirG32Xz


Interesting video of #Acupuncture Under Live Thermography - http://t.co/TUKRyZ1CQ9.


Traditional Chinese Medicine starting to be backed by scientific data - http://t.co/4Ei4QqQaCD. #TCM #ChineseMedicine


Komodo Dragon Gets #Acupuncture! http://t.co/INrilGAfPY