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Dr. Harvey Zarren

Dr. Harvey Zarren

Harvey Zarren, M.D. is a Cardiologist in practice from 1975. He is a graduate of Columbia College and the Tufts University School of Medicine, and is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology.

Dr. Zarren is the Founder and Physician Director of The Healing Connection, a hospital based program at the NSMC/Union Hospital, in Lynn, Massachusetts, USA. The Healing Connection is a working philosophy that places people and the value of human interaction back into the center of the healing process. The program won the New England Healthcare (Hospital) Assembly’s Blue Ribbon award for innovative patient care in 1996. Dr. Zarren is also the Founder and Medical Director of the Healing Your Heart program at the NSMC/Union Hospital. Healing Your Heart is a low cost program for the treatment and reversal of heart disease. Dr. Zarren is also the Founder and Medical Director of the Healing With Hope program at the NSMC/Union Hospital. Healing With Hope is a support group for patients with any type of cancer, anywhere on their journey of experiencing cancer.

Since 1982, Dr. Zarren has been an Assistant Clinical Professor in Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine. From 1995 until 2001, Dr. Zarren was the Medical Director of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Department at the Union Hospital. In 1994, Dr. Zarren was the recipient of the Physician of Excellence Award of the Union Hospital and in 1995, he received an Annual Recognition Award from the Association of Healing Health Care Projects. In 2000, he received The Founder’s Award from the Association of Healing Health Care Projects. Dr. Zarren is on the Board of The Association of Healing Health Care Projects. He is a Patron of New Approaches to Cancer based in Surrey, England. Dr. Zarren is currently the President of the Board of Directors of the Integrated Medicine Alliance and is currently Immediate Past President of the New England Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

A physician trained in allopathic Cardiology, Dr. Zarren’s practice and approach to healing has evolved over the years. He has included a focus on nutrition as a cornerstone of wellness and has emphasized hope, personal responsibility fostered by education, and the value of human relationships in the prevention and treatment of heart disease and cancer. Dr. Zarren believes that by placing people and the value of human interaction back into the center of the healing process, an opportunity is created in which all modalities of therapy can become tools. The integration of all appropriate tools practiced by ethical caregivers can greatly enhance the healthcare experience of all people.

Dr. Zarren is working to make medical care more humane for practitioners and patients, and he is interested in bridging conventional and complementary practices of healing and in deepening the quality of the human experience of healthcare. Dr. Zarren is also interested in inviting caregivers such as physicians and nurses to explore and facilitate their own wellness. Dr. Zarren speaks and presents workshops around the United States and internationally.

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Speech Topic:

Healing Your Heart


The integration of healthcare practices requires open-mindedness of practitioners and an expansion of knowledge and experience about the diversity of conventional and complementary/alternative practices that are available. In addition, working models of integrative practice are useful to show what can be done effectively and to stimulate creativity for more integration of practice types.

Healing Your Heart is a heart disease support group started in 1991 at the North Shore Medical Center/Union Hospital in Lynn, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Using the concept that wellness is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and tribal (social), the group was formulated and has proven effective in dealing with each of these aspects of heart wellness. The group works to prevent, treat and reverse heart disease. The working concept is to integrate all appropriate tools for a given patient, practiced by ethical practitioners.

Each weekly session combines meditation, guided imagery and visualization, Yoga, relaxation experience and group discussion while incorporating a core curriculum containing the latest medical information about heart disease. Healthy nutrition is emphasized and supported. Tools for coping with stress are promoted and practiced. The group includes didactic information and repetitive experiences while creating a safe place for patients to learn the skills necessary to regain and maintain health and wellness.

Healing Your Heart represents an inexpensive working model of integrative health practices successfully helping people to prevent and deal with heart disease while making lifestyle changes that are beneficial to the whole of their lives.

Do We Understand Each Other?


In a world that is progressively connected by communications systems, travel modes and commerce, health issues are becoming increasingly global in scope. Atherosclerotic coronary heart disease, cancer, AIDS, bird flu and other diseases are no longer local issues. Global efforts to deal with disease will require integration of effective healthcare practices from around the world. Integrating best practices, whether conventional or what some call complementary/alternative, requires effective communication and relationship skills between practitioners, to facilitate understanding and collaboration.

Practitioners need to approach each other with compassion and respect. They need to gain experience about practices other than their own and need to learn the language and manners of other types of practice. Mindfulness and relationship skills are essential. The concepts of collaboration, cooperation and dispute resolution need to be taught and practiced. Self-care for practitioners must be advocated. The nature of healthcare education must change.

Practitioners need to consider the effects of disease on the whole of people’s existence and need to realize that effective, quality healthcare depends on time spent with patients. Patients must be taught to become effective communication agents between their practitioners.

Integrated healthcare, using all appropriate tools practiced by ethical practitioners, is best suited for dealing with the healthcare needs of all peoples. The time to put integrated healthcare to work is now.

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