Dr Yi Jing

Senior Lecturer


“I come from a family of doctors. My medical lineage dates back to the Qing dynasty. My grandfather and great-grandfather were as famous in China for their medical skill as for their compassion and kindness towards those who could not afford their treatment. I enjoy the work of solving medical problems and I want to help people work and live in good health."

Dr Jing graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Beijing University of Chinese University in 1988 following 6 years of study that covered traditional Chinese medicine (TCM); acupuncture; tuina massage therapy, moxibustion; medical physiology; medical pathology; pharmacology; biochemistry and other medical areas.

Dr Jing taught and trained at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (1992-2001) as well as at the International Acupuncture Learning Class. She worked as examiner at the Beijing Practitioner Acupuncturist Qualification Examinations (1998-2001).


  • ‘Best Lecturer’ (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine) – 1997, 1998, 1999.


  • ‘The Complete Work of Chinese Acupuncture‘ [in Chinese], 1992, co-editor.