Shonishin Workshop

Shonishin Workshop

We are pleased to announce that Thomas Wernicke, a leading practitioner and international teacher of Shonishin, will be holding a 6 day Shonishin Workshop for practitioners to learn how to apply this effective and specialised form of Japanese acupuncture for babies and children.

Shonishin, or paediatric acupuncture, has been successfully practiced in Japan for over 250 years and is also called ‘acupuncture without needles’. Instead of acupuncture needles, Shonishin works with a specially designed rounded tip instrument, using gentle stroking and tapping techniques along meridian pathways and on acupuncture points.

Thomas Wernicke's authoritative book is one of the first resources in English on Shonishin and with its safe, quick and effective treatments, Shonishin is increasingly catching the attention of therapists world-wide. Covering history, theory and clinical practice, in this workshop, Wernicke will explore how Shonishin is used with young children, from babies and toddlers to school-age children, to treat a range of behavioural issues and physical conditions such as KISS syndrome, sleep-disturbances, allergies and asthma. He will expand on how the techniques can be adapted for use with adults and older people to provide an alternative, non-invasive treatment.

Date: Friday 30 September - Sunday 2 October 2016 and Friday 24 February - Sunday 26 February 2017

Venue: The AcuMedic Centre

Cost: £600 (Booking deadline: Fri 9 Sept)

Please contact Svenja Schaper by calling 07842 563 298 to book your place or click here to send her an email.

Thomas Wernicke is a GP, acupuncturist, homeopath and author. He is a leading practitioner and international teacher of Shonishin, having trained extensively with Sensei Masanori Tanioka in Japan. He runs professional training courses in Shonishin in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Australia and Japan, drawing on his extensive practice. He is a member and official advisor to the Japanese Scientific Society of Paediatric Acupuncture (Osaka) and President of the International Society of Traditional Japanese Medicine (IGTJM).