CPD Courses

CPD Courses

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential for today's medical professionals to keep their practice up to date and also to meet the registration requirements of their professional bodies. CMIR offers a range of CPD courses each year for qualified medical professionals. Each module counts as 3 CPD credits (half day course) or 6 credits (full day course). The courses are regarded as high quality, interactive training, both in theoretical information and clinical practice, and the related patient case studies and many clinical applications allow students to have a more hands-on learning experience.

For more information or to book your place, call 0207 388 6704 or click here to send us an email.

Upcoming CMIR CPD Courses

Cost: £100 (£80 for CMIR and BAF members)

Saturday 22 September: Treating and Preventing Hay Fever with Chinese Medicine (Dr Han)

Sunday 23 September: Treating Dermatological Conditions with Acupuncture (Dr Wan)

Saturday 13 October: Increasing the Success Rate of IVF with Chinese Medicine (Dr Han)

Sunday 14 October: Pregnancy and Labour According to Chinese Medicine (TBC) (Dr Han)

Saturday 17 November: Treating Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction with Chinese Medicine (Dr Dai)

Sunday 18 November: Treating Knee Joint Pain with Acupuncture (Dr Wan)

Masterclass in Strategic Health Coaching with Garner Thomson 

Date: Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 August

Cost: £220 (£180 for CMIR and BAF members)

CPD Credits: 14 hours

Strategic Health Coaching (SHC) is an absolute must for all health practitioners. It forges a dynamic, ongoing working partnership between client and wellness coach. As an SHC trained practitioner, you are equally equipped to facilitate early recovery from both chronic and acute conditions, as well as to assist those clients who wish to develop a pro-active and wellness-oriented lifestyle.

To achieve this, a truly effective coach needs to facilitate agreement, understanding and acceptance, three qualities so powerful that they may be responsible for as much as 75% of the successful outcome of any intervention. This includes significant improvements in affect, mood and physical and emotional functionality. This two-day Masterclass, from Medical NLP creator and developer Garner Thomson offers stand-alone skill sets immediately applicable in your practice.

If you are interested in joining this course, please contact Khalid and Garner directly on 07973 892 877 or by email at courses@medicalnlp.com.