CPD Courses

CPD Courses

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential for today's medical professionals to keep their practice up to date and also to meet the registration requirements of their professional bodies. CMIR offers a range of CPD courses each year for qualified medical professionals. Each module counts as 3 CPD credits (half day course) or 6 credits (full day course). The courses are regarded as high quality, interactive training, both in theoretical information and clinical practice, and the related patient case studies and many clinical applications allow students to have a more hands-on learning experience.

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Upcoming CPD Courses

Saturday 15 July – Infertility: Regulating the Four Menstrual Phases according to Chinese Medicine Theory with Dr Han

Sunday 16 July – Acupuncture Treatment for Tennis Elbow and Bell's Palsy with Dr Wan

Saturday 16 September – Cupping Therapy with Dr Han

Sunday 17 September – Acupuncture Treatment for Tendinitis of the Supraspinatus Muscle and Piriformis Syndrome with Dr Wan

Saturday 14 October – Facial Acupuncture with Dr Han

Sunday 15 October – Postnatal Disorders and Chinese Medicine with Dr Wang

The Language in Healing and Health with Garner Thomson and Khalid Khan

Dates: Saturday 18 November - Friday 24 November 2017 (7 days)

The Society of Medical NLP and CMIR have come together to present a groundbreaking new training, specifically tailored for acupuncturists and complementary therapists. This seven day course will allow participants to receive licensing as a Medical NLP Health Practitioner. 

More details to follow soon...